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The ITE department computers have Windows 10 Educational Edition. The default username is "ITE" with no password.

The ITE department grants a login account to all currently enrolled students. The student login account includes a personal home directory with 160 MB of storage for files and websites.

Students may access their personal home directories from any internet-connected computer using an FTP client.

Student login accounts are created by ITE's Systems Support staff shortly after the drop/add period has ended. Students need to complete the activation of their Santa Fe Email before their account can be created. Your username is the username portion of your SFC email address. Your password is your 8-digit student id (with the dash).

Example 1: Joe B. Friendly,, SFC ID 1234-4321

  • Username: joe.b.friendly
  • Password: 1234-4321
Example 2: Mary Lee,, SFC ID 4242-1337
  • Username: mary.lee
  • Password: 4242-1337

Students are encouraged to change their password immediately.


If you would like to access your account using FTP, the hostname for your session is You may use any standard FTP program to access your student account. If you need an FTP client, you may download FileZilla for free.