CompTIA Discount Vouchers from Information Technology Education

Thanks to Santa Fe College's status as a CompTIA Education to Careers (E2C) Member, our Networking Systems Technologies program provides extra benefits for students:
  1. Network Administration
  2. Network Infrastructure (CCNA classes)
  3. Cybersecurity/Network Security
  4. Network Server Administration
  5. Digital Forensics

As you complete courses toward their degree or certificate, students can also be eligible to purchase CompTIA vouchers to take industry certifications and receive reimbursement for certifications obtained. Purchasing CompTIA vouchers from the ITE means you pay less (potentially 50% less) than those in industry taking the certifications.

These certification exams indicate that you possess the sufficient knowledge, skills, and hands-on computer technician and network administrator experience that can make you an effective employee in IT departments.

These certifications can serve as indicators of your technical know-how to possible employers, potentially offering you a competitive advantage in a job search.

If you are interested in purchasing CompTIA vouchers, please go to: SFC ITE CompTIA Voucher Reqest Form