Microsoft Imagine for Academic Institutions

Welcome to the Microsoft Imagine. The ITE Department at Santa Fe College has formed an alliance with Microsoft which enables ITE students to acquire academic versions of certain Microsoft titles at low or no cost. Please be aware that Santa Fe College and the ITE Department can NOT be held responsible for any damage to hardware, software, or data due to the improper usage of any Imagine Media.

Do I Have An Account?
How Do I Get Started?
Changing Your Password
Obtaining Software
Direct Ship from Microsoft

Do I Have An Account?

Before you can access the Microsoft Imagine web site, you must be granted an account. All actively enrolled ITE students have a Microsoft Imagine account.
  • Student accounts expire after 1 year of class enrollment.
  • If you are a returning ITE student, and you had a Microsoft Imagine account during the semester immediately prior to the current, your account will be reactivated once the drop/add period has been completed; otherwise, you may be treated as a new student.

How Do I Get Started?

At this point, you should have established that you have an account, and should have received an email notification from the Microsoft Imagine Program. The email notification will include your username and a temporary password to give you access to the site. Use the following steps to log in:
  1. Point your favorite web browser to: SFC: ITE Imagine Webstore
  2. Click on the Start Shopping button.
  3. If you aren't currently logged into your SFC Account, it will redirect you.
  4. Enter your username (Your Example:
  5. Enter your SFC Password you use to login to Canvas & eSanta Fe. Help! I've forgotten my password!

Changing Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to go through and reset your password. Do note, that this resets your eSanta Fe, and Canvas password at the same time.
password recoveryTo change your password:
  1. Navigate to How to Change your password and follow the instructions.

Obtaining Software

The Microsoft Imagine offers a plentitude of Microsoft titles, ranging from Operating Systems and Service Packs to Development Platforms and Databases to Productivity packages. For a complete list, please log in to the Microsoft Imagine.

A note about Microsoft Office:

The Microsoft Imagine offers several methods for obtaining software.

  • Download or Direct Ship from Microsoft.
  • Note: Direct Shipment costs money to cover shipping & handeling.
You MUST agree to the user terms BEFORE the system will allow you to reserve/purchase a copy of the software. Upon completion of your reservation/purchase, you may wish to print the confirmation page; it contains your product code to be used during installation.


This is the recommended method for obtaining software. The system will allow you to download an ISO image which you can then burn to CD or DVD. This method is available 24 hours a day (with few exceptions for maintenance) and will cost you only time and blank CD/DVD whereas the other delivery methods will require you to spend money.

Direct Ship from Microsoft

Some titles are available to be shipped to your door directly from Microsoft. You pay only a minimal packaging and shipping fee. Please take advantage of this offer whenever possible, as this ensures that you get a quality disc directly from the software vendor. You may purchase multiple titles at one time.
  1. Log in to Microsoft Imagine Webstore.
  2. Click the blue Start Shopping link.
  3. Use the Search by product title drop-down box to select one of the titles listed above, and click Go.
  4. Select Mail Order/Shipping and click Add To Cart
  5. Read the Microsoft Imagine Guidelines and if you agree, click I Agree; otherwise, click I Do Not Agree. If you do not agree, you will not be able to obtain software through the Microsoft Imagine.
  6. Read the shipping guidelines and click Continue.
  7. The item should now appear in your cart. You may click Check Out to complete the transaction. You will need a major credit card to make the purchase.