Photo/Video Projects

On February 20, 2008 I setup my Canon 20D DSLR w/ EF 24-70mm L USM lens to capture the total lunar eclipse of the moon. I set it on manual focus, ISO 800, Shutter speed 4 sec., F5.6, with a timer set to capture an image every 15 seconds.

I created the 12fps video in After Effects using the 725 individual high resolution frames. The first video was quite large and the moon was very small. The second one I zoomed way in and tracked the moon so that you can actually see the phases of the eclipse. It was a cloudy start but cleared up as the moon was eclipsed by the earth. I was setup in my backyard so you will see some of the trees which I think adds to the composition.

You will need the latest QuickTime plugin as I used the H.264 codec.

Smaller Video with a close-up view of the moon 2.35 MB


Original large video 20.5 MB