Wes Lindberg
Wesley Ray Lindberg II
Associate Professor
Digital Media Technology
Santa Fe College
3000 NW 83rd Street, N-322
Gainesville, FL 32606


Demo Reels

Film Festivals, Contests, Etc.

Short Films, Blogs, Ideas, Etc.

Training, Tutorials, Plugins, Etc.

Screenplay, Storytelling, Storyboard, Titles, Etc.

DVD, Encoding, Transcoding, Etc.

Keying, Green Screen, Etc.

Royaly Free Audio, Microphones, Telepromters, Etc.

Tutorials and Other

SFC Photo/Video Studio

Organizations, Workflow, Releases


Equipment and Supplies


Exposure - Depth of Field

Repair and Calibration

Web Hosting and File Transfer


the relationship between the two primary colorspaces-RGB (additive)  and CMY (subtractive)