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Course Projects

The links below are final projects for CGS2146 Informatics Project Management Course. The course is part of the
HealthCare Informatics Specialist Certificate

Loretta Beaty - Evidence Based Research
Carla Bredehoeft - Telehealth
Judith Cordonero - Biometrics
Ambre Edwards - Information System Implementation
Brenda Flowers - Chronic Disease Portals
Chrlie Gwin - Smart Card Technology
Pydor Huot - RFID Technology
Brittany Jacobson - Patient Safety Tools
Natalia Lopez - Updating Information Systems
Marianne Mcguinness - Resolving Decumentation Issues with EHR
Shatrise Miles - Disaster Planning
Alphonso Miller - Improving Integrity and Accuracy in HIS
Asheley Sparks- Disaster Recovery and Continuity and Planning
Kenneth Stokes - Security and Confidentiality
Laurie Thrift - Telemedicine
Daniel Luckett and Hazen Willis - Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
Geri Newman and Jenna Mueller - How Informatics will Affect the Transition from ICD9 to ICD-10
Kimberly Clark and Danielle Cromer - Healthcare Apps for IOS and Android
Vera Bert and Marina Jordan - Systems Security