James Nichols
Summer 2017

Instructor, Santa Fe College:
                Not teaching classes during the Summer
                SF CompTIA Voucher Request Form

Office Hours:    

                None during the summer. Schedule an appointment by email. Email will be checked very infrequently.

                Besides coming to see me during office hours, I'm more than willing to also meet with you by appointment, please email
                me through Canvas to schedule an appointment.

                *Can always call me to come to the lab during office hours (will come down as soon as I can--may be helping another
                 student) or to see if I'm in my office.

                NOTE: I may be in my office at other times not listed, and will be glad to help you immediately as long as I don't have to go to
                a meeting or complete something quickly or will schedule an appointment with you.

Contact Info:
                Office: Building K, Room 239
                Office Phone: 352-395-5220
                Email: james.nichols@sfcollege.edu