Hello students,

The ITE area has a server for all student, staff, and faculty accounts. Your account on the ite server should be ready now.

Here’s what you need to know:

To FTP to your new account:

  • The hostname is: home.ite.sfcollege.edu.
  • Your username is the username part of your Santa Fe email. This means everything before the @ symbol. So, if your SFC email is SuzieQ.Suzuki@go.sfcollege.edu, your username would be Suzie.Q.Suzuki. Or, for example, if your SFC email is jacob.mann@go.sfcollege.edu, your username would be jacob.mann.
  • If you had an account last semester, it has been deleted and your new account will have the default password.
  • Your password has been set to a default. The default password is your SF College ID number in the following form: ####-####. So if your ID number is 1234-5678, that would be your initial password.
  • You can change your password but it is best to wait until you are sure you can access your account. If you do decide to change your password, be sure to write it down or save it in a place that you will remember! Your instructor cannot access your password so if you forget, it will have to be reset. Resetting a password will probably take a few days at least and requires a work order to go through our Server Administrator. It cannot be done at the last minute. Go to the following website to change your password. There are some specific password restrictions you need to follow. These are in place to ensure better security.
  • Change password at : http://home.ite.sfcollege.edu/user/password.php

Right now your new account has one page – a default index page generated automatically. Please feel free to substitute a page of your own, if you want. Otherwise, your account is empty. Think of it as a blank slate upon which to put all your excellent class work for this semester!

  • Note: after you start using your new account, your URL will be: