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Elizabeth Drake

Information Technology Education:
      Programming & Analysis

Office: online
 Phone: 802-579-1565
        (by appointment, this phone is not monitored)

  • Master's degree: M.Ed. Educational Technology
  • Master's degree: Anthropology (A.B.D.)
  • Master's degree: M.Ed. Counseling
  • Graduate coursework: Statistics, Math, Physics, Higher Education Leadership
  • B.S.E.E., Electrical Engineering
  • B.S., Physics
  • B.A., Sociology
  • A.S., Computer Information Technology
I have worked full time as a professor in the ITE and Math Departments at SFC from 1999 through 2019. Before that, I was an adjunct professor and lecturer in Math, Computer Science, Physics, and Anthropology at SFC, UF, Three Rivers Community College in Connecticut, the University of Hartford, and the University of Connecticut. I am currently working part-time at Santa Fe as a Professor Emeritus.
Educational Philosophy
My father's favorite adage was, "Nothing you ever learn is lost." I have found that to be true throughout my life and hope that all my students will find it true as well. Every new thing learned adds to the understanding of the world we all live in.

Office Hours, Fall 2020:

Note: I am teaching from out of state. Please email me to set up an appointment. We can meet through Zoom or the Canvas Inbox, your preference.

If you are in one of my classes, you must contact me through Canvas.

Appointments should be arranged at least 2 days in advance.

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