Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming




Fall 2010

Section 0M1


Course Objectives

This course offers a continuation of structured programming using the C# programming language on the PC.  NOTE:  This course is considered to be very challenging and time consuming.  The student is expected to have taken at least COP1000 and CGS1000.  Knowledge of the PC and DOS are also assumed.


Prerequisite: CGS1000, COP1000





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*Please email me via Angel, use the discussion board in Angel or let me know you are in a chat room where I can find you.  My office hours will be held online only.  If you want to meet to discuss an issue, please contact me to set up an appointment time.    It is possible that I may be with another student.  Please be patient.


Course Policies

·      For sections that meet on campus, attendance is required.  Regular attendance in both lecture and lab will be critical to success in this course.  It will help guide you toward successful completion of your projects and assignments. Students are responsible for getting all work and lecture notes missed due to absence.

·      You must turn in all assignments on the due date by the time and method indicated in the instructions.  No extensions are given for any reason; therefore you must make sure to start on assignments early.  It is understood that computers are not perfect. However an excuse such as, "the computer wasn’t working" is not acceptable because you can always use another computer in the labs provided at Santa Fe College.

·      If all of your assignments are turned in on time, the lowest assignment grade will be dropped. If you have any missing assignment, no grade will be dropped.

·      For sections meeting on campus, finals week will consist of meeting at our designated time and presenting a final project.

·      All quizzes will be announced in advance.  No make-up quizzes will be given under any circumstances.

·      For sections meeting on campus, class sessions will include lectures, presentations, and discussions as well as hands-on projects. When the instructor asks for your attention, discontinue working on the computer. No one may work on the computer during lectures, presentations, and discussions unless instructed to do so.

·      Assignments must be organized and submitted following the course guidelines and in the specified format. Depending on the assignment this might include any or all of the following: submitting a disk, submitting a printout, uploading to the Web, or sending via e-mail. Methods other than those specified are not acceptable.

·      All work must be completed using Visual Studio C#.NET2008.  Note that if you submit work completed in programs other than the designated ones, the assignment cannot be accepted.

·      If you are working on assignments at home, it is your responsibility to maintain your computer system. Requirements cannot be waived due to problems with your hardware, software, or Internet connection. Campus labs can be used to complete your work.

·      Do not tamper, in any way, with the setup of our lab computers unless you are specifically instructed to do so. This can be quite disruptive to the conduct of our classes. “Unauthorized modification of the system setup of Santa Fe College’s computer teaching labs” is a violation of the Student Conduct Code, Article III, Proscribed Conduct.

·      College regulations specify that “food and drink cannot be used in classrooms.” This includes our computer labs. Adhere to this policy at all times.

·      Learning should be fun and we want you to enjoy class but in an atmosphere that is suitable for a college course. Maintain a courteous and professional demeanor toward your classmates and instructor. Arrive on time and inform your instructor if you need to leave early. Communicate in an appropriate manner in classroom and on-line discussions. Courtesy also includes avoiding the use of cellular phones or other noisy electronic devices during class and not reading e-mail, playing games, sleeping, or chatting during lectures and presentations.


Academic Integrity


The highest level of academic integrity is expected in this course.  Make sure that the work you submit is original and of your own creation.  Copying or imitating someone else’s work and presenting it as your own is a serious violation of academic integrity.  This pertains to your projects and homework assignments as well as exams.  The consequences for academic dishonesty can be severe, including but not limited to, a failing grade in the course or expulsion from the Florida College and University System.  For further information, refer to the Student Conduct Code, Article IV, Academic Dishonesty at the Santa Fe College Human Resources Policies website at


Course Materials


Programming in Visual C# 2008, by Julia Case Bradley

ISBN: 978-0-07-351721-6



Storage Device




Grade Calculation


Grade Scale

Quizzes (3 given)







Projects (4 – 6 given)







1 group project







Final Project




































Grading Standards

Grading will be based on objective standards as well as such subjective criteria as overall impression, thoroughness, attention to detail, and extra effort. Completing the minimum requirements does not guarantee an A grade for projects and assignments. Excellent grades are reserved for outstanding work. Also, it is your instructor’s prerogative not to accept sloppy or incomplete assignments.


Important Dates

Aug 23

Classes Begin

Aug 27

Last day to drop and receive a refund

Sep 6

Holiday – Labor Day

Oct 15

Holiday – UF Homecoming

Nov 2

Last day to drop and receive a W

Nov 11

Holiday – Veteran’s Day

Nov 25 – 26

Holidays – Thanksgiving Day

Dec 3

Last day of class

Dec 6 - 9

Final Exams begin


Withdrawals and Incompletes

If you fall behind in the course, you should strongly consider withdrawing. However, you should discuss this option with the instructor prior to making a decision. Check the Important Dates section for the last day to withdraw and receive a W as a grade.

An Incomplete grade will be given only in situations where a student has successfully completed nearly all of the semester coursework and has experienced an emergency situation at the end of the term. The circumstances must be documented and the student must contact the instructor prior to the end of final exam week in order to agree on incomplete terms, deadlines, etc.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are a student with a disability: In compliance with Santa Fe College policy and equal access laws, your instructor is available to discuss appropriate academic accommodations that you may require as a student with a disability. Request for academic accommodations need to be made during the first week of the semester (except for unusual circumstances) so arrangements can be made. You must be registered with Disabilities Resource Center (DRC) in S-229 for disability verification and determination of reasonable academic accommodations.

Discrimination/Harassment Policy

Santa Fe College prohibits any form of discrimination or sexual harassment among students, faculty and staff. For further information, refer to the Santa Fe College Human Resources Policies website at

Agreement to Syllabus

This syllabus is a contract between you and your instructor. To continue in this course you are required to send a message to your instructor using Angel class mail. In this message the following message must be included. “I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the course syllabus.”

Course Schedule

See the Angel calendar for the course schedule.  You will have a week and a half to complete projects and two weeks to complete the final project. Make sure to plan your time accordingly.