You may be having questions about the Common Final. Check here first to find out answers to the common questions CGS1000 students have about the final.

Common Final Exam Review Topics
Frequently Asked Questions

Common Final Exam Review Topics

The common final will cover basic and intermediate skills in using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Microsoft Office 2007, file management with Windows 7, and some basic knowledge about operating systems, using the Internet, and mobile computing.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the common final?
The common final is a final which all students in CGS1000 are required to take. It simply means that every section takes the same exam.
Why do I have to take a common final?
The common final is intended to ensure that you have the basic skills required to pass CGS1000.
When do I take the common final?
The common final is given during your scheduled final exam time during finals week. 
What happens if I fail the common final?
The final grade is claculated into your total score for the course.  If you fail the final, you can lose all 10 points alloted for the exam.  Come prepared, on time and do your best.
Logistics of the Common Final